“There are centuries in which nothing happens and years in which centuries pass”

– Homero Aridjis, Mexican novelist and poet

We have entered a radically different business environment than the one in which most C-Suite executives learned their craft. What path are we on? The next decade will be crucial. Many companies will have to develop and commercialize new technologies, rethink their product-service portfolios and business models, upgrade their capabilities and workforce, and reconfigure their supply chains and operational footprints. They will have to anticipate the actions of non-traditional competitors as well as various other stakeholders, including regulators and NGOs. Most will have to consider multiple scenarios and make one or more bet-the-company decisions. And virtually all will have to improve their resilience against continual business disruptions while remaining agile – ready to respond to the next crisis.

Arbalète provides three sets of integrated service offerings to make better business strategy and risk management decisions in this new business environment: