Learn how Arbalète has helped organizations improve their business strategy and risk management decisions and capabilities.


Client 1: Global supplier of automotive seating solutions

Engagement: Conducted a scenario wargame to understand the current and potential future-state challenges facing the company’s steel purchasing operations.

Client 2: Leading automotive aftermarket retailer

Engagement: Helped to establish the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) function, including governance, strategic risk analyses and mitigation, partnership negotiation planning, and strategic initiatives risk lens.

Agricultural Case Study


Client: Global provider of food, ingredients, agricultural solutions and industrial products

Engagement 1: Led wargame on biofuels, analyzing both industry and policy dynamics; identified likely and stress scenarios; developed recommendations to capture opportunities while mitigating risk.

Engagement 2: Conducted ERM pilot to improve strategic decision-making and risk management; focused on two high-risk scenarios and improving readiness for disruptions elsewhere


Client: Leading multi-category retailer

Engagement: Led competitive wargame assessing different categories of competitors; identified likely and potential “bold” moves by each set of competitors; developed different principles and recommended actions for building a sustainable advantage versus each type of competitor; identified five potential bold initiatives consistent with market megatrends and competitive principles.

Apparel Case Study


Client: Global manufacturer of athletic footwear and apparel

Engagement: Assessed future of US-China relations and impact on business operations in China and elsewhere; identified various “no-regret” moves and developed contingency plans; focused on the potential of a future military conflict in Taiwan and potential spill-over effects.